An truly organic infographic: The Blog Tree branches out into the UK marketing scene

Everything’s got to be green these days: even infographics! The people at internet marketing company Eloqua have teamed up with designers at Jess3 to create a UK marketing version of The Blog Tree and I’m lucky enough to have my own leaf! Using data from Edelman’s blog-level tool and teaming up with the folk at Hotwire, The Blog Tree categorises blogs into topics such as SEO and public relations and planted on branches of the tree according to influence.

What’s interesting looking at the various leaves, is that blogs like Drew Benvie’s take on PR, a PR Guy’s Musings, and 10 Yetis have been around for some time. While these lists and tables need to be taken with a pinch of salt (whether it’s an algorithm or just a list of favourites, it’s still subjective), it shows that there aren’t short cuts when it comes to building a successful blog.

The design of the infographic looks lovely – my only request would have been clearer that there are hyperlinks in the Slideshare version, to make it easier for people to discover new blogs (I only worked that out after uploading the jpeg to my blog). Otherwise, top marks to Eloqua for creating what’s essentially a much more interesting format for a blogroll – and getting plenty of PR coverage in the process (just Google Blog Tree)!


Eloqua presents the Blog Tree: UK Edition


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