Guardian launches new subscription-based iPhone app

The Guardian app is my favourite iPhone app and the only non-social networking app I look at on a daily basis. So, when I received the press release about the new version I was interested to see what they’d added. But hang on a minute, they’re now charging a subscription for using it.

I’m a bit disappointed, but not surprised – the first app gave away a lot of content one off £2.99 fee. The new version is £3.99 for a year, or £2.99 for a six month contract. Which is only the price of four newspapers and, for the amount of content you get, a bargain (although a few friends of mine refuse to buy apps on principle – they’re missing out).

In terms of new features, there’s improved live blogging functionality, ability to search the whole Guardian archive and live sports results (a feature sadly lacking in v1), and a few other bits and pieces. In all, probably not quite enough to switch over to the new version (though I’ve not signed up, so can’t say for sure). The Guardian have said that the old version will still work “although not indefinitely” (what might make me switch would be the first year free, as I’ve already paid for the app once).

So, if you haven’t got the Guardian app yet, then I think the new version is likely to be well worth a £3.99 investment. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before there’s a dedicated iPad app…