Pimp my router

We’ve been working with LaunchGroup on a mini campaign for TalkTalk to create the Routers of the Future. The design whiz kids at Goldsmiths have created concept routers that combine the hum drum job of networking with other things like being a clock, an energy saver and, erm, a jelly fish.

OK, to some people, the routers might be a bit like fingerless rubber gloves, but to me, as a self confessed tech PR geek, this sort of thing is right up my street. My personal favourite was the attractive-but-practical Route O’Clock. It does beg the question what other home gadgets or utilities could be given a make-over? A toaster that talks, a kettle with a web cam, a dog lead with a gps, a landline phone with a built-in keyboard for email – hang on, I think that one’s been done before…

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