Will guest blog posts damage your blog’s Google ranking?

Would I like a Guest Blog Post? No.

I’ve noticed that I’m increasingly getting emails from “copywriters” asking if they would like them to write guest posts for The Red Rocket. Some offer to pay me, others claim to be experts who give me great content. They’re all a bit fishy. So why is this suddenly getting popular? Two reasons: links and coverage. […]

Does anyone use blogrolls any more?

I was recently named as one of Cision’s top 10 PR bloggers, which was a bit of a surprise. But like most bloggers I have an elephant sized ego, so will take the compliment (although I think I can name at least 10 PR blogs better than mine, but I won’t tell Cision). Most of […]

Online PR is like having a party…

Online PR is all about Community from RealWire on Vimeo. RealWire has produced a video explaining how online PR, using the oft-quoted party analogy. It’s a good way of explaining what it’s all about though, at least for online PR and social media marketing newbies. Although not the cheapest service around, I’ve found RealWire to be one […]

Gone in 60 seconds

Journo-gone-to-the-dark-side-of-PR Will Sturgeon (also writer of a highly amusing media blog) has put together a short video highlighting tumbling newspaper circulations. It’s a good way of illustrating the point, although it would have been interesting to see how the figures compared against changes in web traffic (a look on Alexa was less than conclusive). It poses a question about the […]