Who is the best ever James Bond? Let’s let IMDB settle the argument

My colleague and fellow blogger Austin Brailey is watching the entire James Bond canon and is tweeting his reviews to assess which is the best Bond film and which actor was the best Bond. It’s one of those pub questions that can run and run.The-Spy-Who-Loved-Me-KA

Austin’s a fan of Brosnan and particularly Goldeneye, which before he started his research was his favourite Bond film. He’s also about 15 years younger than me and doesn’t remember the thrill of the prospect of watching The Spy Who Loved Me on a wet bank holiday weekend. He did concede that Roger Moore has grown on him through his marathon Bond film watching. Personally, as good as Brosnan was, he also made, in Die Another Day, the biggest stinker since Moonraker. Like I say, the argument can go on forever.

So (having accidentally got up an hour early yesterday morning*) I thought, I wonder if IMDB can settle the argument. With over 262,000 people rating Skyfall alone on IMDB, it’s fair to say it’s a representative sample.

Plugging all the average film ratings into a Google Doc, I averaged the scores for each Bond, with some surprising results.

At the top of the pile came Daniel Craig (imho Skyfall is the best ever Bond film) with an average film rating of 7.5, followed by Sean Connery on 7.2, George Lazenby on 6.8 (maybe should have been excluded on basis of only one film), Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton tied behind him, both on 6.6, and poor old Pierce Brosnan coming in at 6.5.

And the film scores in full…

All scores sourced from IMDB, March 2013.

* I say this to make the point, I do usually have better things to do on my weekends!

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