Viral of the Month: Durex #Connect

Durex Connect Viral Screenshot

So my virile viral video of the month is from Durex. At time of writing the video has seen over 25 million YouTube views ahead of Earth Hour on the 28th March, encouraging couples to #TurnOffToTurnOn and reconnect with their partner. Researchers from Durham’s Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities revealed that 40% of those interviewed […]

These PR ideas must die


In last week’s Freakonomics radio episode, Stephen Dubner explored scientific ideas or accepted practices that should be retired. One example is the “left brain/right brain” construct, which according to professor of cognitive science, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, makes “no physiological sense”. Another was the use of “mouse models” for medical research, which was nominated by oncologist Azra Raza, who says […]

Instagram poses online opportunities for yoga stars


So my Australian colleague Lucy says to me, “Major coincidence, one of my friends from home is on the front page of the Mail – she’s made it big as an Instagram star doing yoga.” It’s a nice story. Eliza Landgren taught herself yoga and started building up a following on Instagram (elle_fit), and has now […]

To-do lists are essential for all non-elephants in the room

Two persons

On this morning was the comment-bait headline: “If you want something done, do not write a to-do list“. It’s the view of the self-styled “Grit Doctor”, who believes that to-do lists are a costly waste of time. Working for a PR agency – like ours, or any other – I don’t think you can get away with […]

Fintech startups face many hurdles to stand out to investors

Gathering for the Innovate Finance Event

On 27 January I attended an event called Bootstrap to IPO, which was run by fintech membership group,  Innovate Finance, and attended by entrepreneurs, investors and supporters. The event was focused on examining the funding gap for SMEs, the alternative finance model and how startups can scale up funding. The format was a series of panel debates, featuring […]

Personal online reputation building is more than an SEO job – it’s harder and more important than that

Invisible man picture by dan121314 - source

In an interview (which verges on being a puff piece) with the Observer, internet entrepreneur Michael Fertik argues that a person’s online reputation is becoming more valuable than money or power. He believes that people who neglect their online profiles, do so at their peril: Fertik believes in the old-fashioned idea that your reputation matters and in […]