Bloggers: With great power, comes great responsibility

With great power, comes great responsibility

Last week, Kevin Rawlinson posed the question, “In the online age, do bloggers wield too much power?” In a BBC article, he detailed a case in Northern Ireland where a shoe shop felt unfairly punished for a scathing online review written by a blogger. Last month, a French judge also ruled against a blogger, whose restaurant […]

Video Viral Of The Month: Assassins Creed Parkour

Real-life Assassins Creed on rooftops

Here’s one of those video virals you’re probably only going to like if you’re a gaming fan, and a lover of the Assassins Creed franchise in particular. To promote the upcoming game, Unity, Ubisoft commissioned a real-life version set in modern-day Paris. Inevitably it involves parkour – or free-runners – to recreate many of the moves […]

Video Viral Of The Month: Look Up


Look Up is a piece of video performance poetry by writer and performer Gary Turk (Gary_Turk). He describes it as, ” a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending […]

Video viral of the month: The Expert

The Expert Screen Grab

The Expert is a video written and directed by London-based (but extremely well-travelled) film-maker Lauris Beinerts. It’s based on the Russian short story by Alexey Berezin called The Meeting and plays out an excruciating brief where “the expert” is asked to create seven red lines, all perpendicular, some with green ink and  some with transparent ink. No matter […]