Forget end-user consumer surveys – mining your own data is the the best way of getting a media hit

Telegraph story: Flipping burgers at McDonald's is the worst fast food job in the UK

The PR agency I work for is a big fan of consumer and B2B research for our clients. Getting the views of customers and turning this into stories that give a topical or interesting insight is time-honoured, cost-effective way of getting media coverage. But it’s challenging for two reasons. Firstly, it has become quite competitive, especially […]

How long before robots replace PR professionals?


If you’ve worked in PR or the media for a few years you’ll know that journalists are a dying breed. Every publication that I serve has seen its editorial teams slashed, due to falling advertising revenues and the media marketplace becoming more fragmented. But there’s another growing threat to journalism: robot writers.  A company called Automated […]

Book review: Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

Reading Search Engine Marketing Inc

Previously I’ve considered myself an SEO hobbyist rather than professional, but it’s something I set myself a challenge to change earlier this year; so when I had the chance to review a new book about search engine marketing, I thought it was fortuitous timing. Search Engine Marketing Inc,: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site […]

Viral of the Month: Durex #Connect

Durex Connect Viral Screenshot

So my virile viral video of the month is from Durex. At time of writing the video has seen over 25 million YouTube views ahead of Earth Hour on the 28th March, encouraging couples to #TurnOffToTurnOn and reconnect with their partner. Researchers from Durham’s Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities revealed that 40% of those interviewed […]

These PR ideas must die


In last week’s Freakonomics radio episode, Stephen Dubner explored scientific ideas or accepted practices that should be retired. One example is the “left brain/right brain” construct, which according to professor of cognitive science, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, makes “no physiological sense”. Another was the use of “mouse models” for medical research, which was nominated by oncologist Azra Raza, who says […]