Why ‘Facebook at Work’ has a job on its hands to knock LinkedIn off its pedestal

Facebook at Work - picture from Intuic.com

There’s no end to the Borg-like ambitions of Facebook. Not content with controlling our personal lives, it now apparently has our work lives in its sights. According to a piece today on FT.com, Facebook is working on a secret product called ‘Facebook at Work’, which is set to take on LinkedIn, Microsoft and Google with […]

The art of damage limitation: PR options for celebrities caught in the iCloud photo hack

Google Trends - photo hack story

The celebrity iCloud nude photo hack scandal will go down as one of the biggest web stories of the year – and one that prompts debates across a wide range of issues, including privacy, public cloud security, and the sexual objectification of women. Plenty of other news outlets and blogs will cover these topics in coming days, weeks […]

Bloggers: With great power, comes great responsibility

With great power, comes great responsibility

Last week, Kevin Rawlinson posed the question, “In the online age, do bloggers wield too much power?” In a BBC article, he detailed a case in Northern Ireland where a shoe shop felt unfairly punished for a scathing online review written by a blogger. Last month, a French judge also ruled against a blogger, whose restaurant […]

Video Viral Of The Month: Assassins Creed Parkour

Real-life Assassins Creed on rooftops

Here’s one of those video virals you’re probably only going to like if you’re a gaming fan, and a lover of the Assassins Creed franchise in particular. To promote the upcoming game, Unity, Ubisoft commissioned a real-life version set in modern-day Paris. Inevitably it involves parkour – or free-runners – to recreate many of the moves […]

Video Viral Of The Month: Look Up


Look Up is a piece of video performance poetry by writer and performer Gary Turk (Gary_Turk). He describes it as, ” a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending […]